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Irradiation Systems

Hopewell Designs has been designing and manufacturing irradiator systems since it was founded in 1994. During that time, we have supplied systems for a diverse set of applications, and have built systems for radiation effects testing, medical research, sterile insect technique, and process control dosimetry. We provide the full spectrum of product development from initial concept, design engineering, fabrication, installation, and on-going maintenance. If we do not have a system to meet your requirements, we can design a custom solution.

Hopewell Designs offers a line of high dose rate irradiators for research, QC for radiation processing, and radiation effects testing.  These irradiators deliver high-dose rates accurately with excellent dose uniformity. Self-contained models are available with Co-60, Cs-137, or X-ray sources.  We offer high-dose-rate beam irradiators for such applications as teletherapy-level calibrations. 

  • Process Control Dosimetry
  • Research
  • Cell Irradiation R&D
  • Small Animal Irradiation R&D

Radiation effects testing is an essential element in the design and production of electronics for the aerospace and space industries. Hopewell Designs line of irradiators streamlines and automates these processes to assure high throughput and accurate results. We offer several systems that are specifically designed for exposing electronics to both extended, low dose radiation and acute, high dose exposures. Our automated software can track individual circuit boards over the full exposure period and record delivered dose and environmental parameters. 

  • Space Radiation R&D/Testing
  • MILSPEC R&D/Testing
    • Total Ionizing Dose (TID)
    • Enhanced Low Dose Radiation Sensitivity (ELDRS)

When one of our standard irradiators will not meet your requirements, we can provide a custom solution.  We have provided small, simple systems for manual operation as well as fully automated systems for calibration, radiation processing, sterile insect technique, and other

applications.  Our staff of engineers, scientists, and craftsmen can apply their expertise and year’s of experience to arrive at a solution that meets your technical requirements and budget.

Examples of systems include:

  • Automatic exposure of 100’s of dosimeters to X-ray techniques
  • Automatic neutron, beta, and gamma calibration of over 100 EPDs
  • High dose rate calibration system with special high-speed “chopper” shutter for calorimetry measurements
  • Self-contained irradiators for custom instruments
  • Wide angle free air chamber for brachytherapy seed calibration