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Gamma Irradiator Systems

Hopewell Designs, Inc. offers several industry-leading gamma beam irradiators well suited for calibration and research
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Self-Contained Irradiators

Self-contained irradiators are available in a range of sizes and configurations. No additional shielding is required.
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Neutron Irradiator Systems

Neutron irradiators are available for Cf-252 and AmBe sources for instrument and dosimetry calibrations.
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X-ray Irradiator Systems

Available for calibration, research, and NDT systems, our X-ray systems are designed for your specific application.
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Beta Irradiator Systems

Our line of beta irradiators are specially designed for calibration of dosimetry and survey meters.
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Shipping Containers

Type A radioactive shipping containers are available for gamma and neutron sources.
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A full set of accessories are available to provide a complete irradiator system.
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