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Company History

Hopewell Designs began operations in 1994 to supply irradiator systems for calibrating radiation survey meters and dosimeters.  In 1996, we completed the design, manufacture, and commissioning of the Automated Irradiator System (AIS) at the Health Physics Instrument Calibration Laboratory at US Department of Energy Savannah River Site. The AIS was the most modern instrument calibration system in the United States, and still remains one of the top calibration laboratories throughout the world. It consists of nine different irradiator systems for gamma, X-ray, beta, and neutron.  With a common user interface, all systems are easy to operate and automated to increase efficiency and reduce errors. Additional equipment included an environmental monitoring system, a calibration and characterization system, radiation monitoring, safety interlocks, and video monitoring. Hopewell Designs, Inc. was responsible for all aspects of the AIS including system design, project management, coordination with building contractor, radiation shielding design, manufacturing, installation, testing, and training.  In 2000 and 2001, we commissioned similar systems for the Los Alamos National Lab and the Idaho National Lab. These projects, which lasted over two years, met all major milestones and were installed on time and within budget.

Beginning in 2005, Hopewell Designs began offering our systems to the international community. We have now installed systems in over 66 countries at primary and secondary standards laboratories.  Customers have included:

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), United States
  • National Resource Council, Canada
  • European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)
  • Department of Energy Laboratories, 12 different labs, United States
  • Australian Radiation Protection & Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA)
  • Environmental Protection Agency of Ireland
  • Federal Authority of Nuclear Radiation, United Arab Emirates
  • Health Science Authority in Singapore
  • Institut Rudjer Boskovic, Croatia
  • Kazakhstan Atomic Energy Commission
  • Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission
  • Ministry of Health, Romania

Over the years, we have continued to build our portfolio of products and services to better serve our customers.  We have supplied several hundred systems in the United States and throughout the world. Installed irradiator systems include: X-ray beam, gamma beam, neutron/gamma low scatter, box calibrator, well, and beta irradiators. We have developed other types of equipment that includes:  test and measurement systems, industrial X-ray inspection equipment, and industrial automation equipment.

We continue to develop our team of professionals to offer a broad range of technical services that complements our product line for a complete solution for our customers.  We assist with radiation calibration, shielding analysis, calibration laboratory design, and customer service. With our outstanding service and support, we help our customers achieve their goals, keep operating at optimum efficiency and quality, and remain satisfied with our products and support.