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Hopewell Designs is the one source with the expertise to help customers with all aspects of a radiation calibration program.  Not only do we offer a comprehensive line of irradiators, we have experts that can support you in every stage of your program.

INITIAL ASSESSMENT. We have a team of experts familiar with radiation protection programs in the medical, industrial, and power industries.  We have worked with customers throughout the world to review long term needs and plans, and then develop a radiation and dosimetry program for implementation. 

BUILDING DESIGN. Hopewell Designs has been involved with designing and supporting construction of calibration labs since 1994.  As such, its engineers are very knowledgeable in all aspects of calibration laboratories including shielding requirements, electrical and conduit design, mechanical needs, heating and air conditioning, installation of equipment, and special requirements for source loading. As part of our services, we can support the architect and contractor during the planning and construction of the building.

EQUIPMENT SELECTION.  We have worked with primary standards labs that require the highest level of precision, and we have worked with tertiary calibration labs that must be cost competitive.  We can help with selection of equipment and instrumentation to assure it matches the requirements of your program.

PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT. Once equipment is installed, laboratory programs and procedures must be fully implemented before the laboratory can begin providing calibration services. Hopewell Designs has helped develop quality assurance programs, instrument calibration procedures, and database tracking programs. The company can assist with irradiator calibrations and with establishing traceability to a primary standard.  We provide services to help with accreditation and compliance with such standards as ISO 17025.

TRAINING. Hopewell Designs offers a broad range of training programs that can be provided. The range of topics includes:

  • The role of the SSDL
  • The international measurement system
  • Quality control
  • Elements of a measurement quality assurance program
  • Errors, error propagation, and uncertainty analysis
  • Traceability of measurements
  • How to perform calibration of instruments
  • Operation and maintenance of irradiator systems