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Hopewell Designs offers a broad line of accessories that combined with our irradiators offer a complete solution for your application.  Our linear positioning systems are precise yet rugged.  With instrument jigs and cameras, calibration of survey meters is quick and accurate.   Our automated software gives full control of the irradiator, streamlines processes, and improves accuracy and efficiency.  Below is a partial list of our accessories.  Please contact us for more information on our complete line.

Our linear positioning system (LPS) provides a means to precisely position a radiation survey instrument or dosimeter at an exact distance from the irradiator source. The LPS can move up to four axes over a range of 10 meters with an accuracy of 1 mm. The LPS consists of a framework of aluminum extrusion, linear bearing, stepper motors, instrument platforms, and laser or optical alignment tools. Adjustable feet allow the framework to be precisely aligned with the radiation beam and bolted to the floor.

The anodized instrument platform incorporates a precise 1 cm grid throughout the entire surface and features a 10 cm bolt pattern to locate jigs and phantoms repeatedly. The platform is designed to support 100 kg without deflection.

The entire system can be used manually or be fully automated with computer controls. When the computer control options are selected with the automated irradiator controller, all functions of the irradiator system can be adjusted by the user from the control room. These include instrument placement, source selection, exposure rate, attenuators, video monitoring and all the safety features of the system.

  • Up to 4 axes of movement
  • Grid and dowel pins provide quick and repeatable instrument positioning
  • Automated computer-controlled movements (manual version available)
  • Positioning from control panel or jog switches at platform
  • Ethernet and/or RS-232 connections available for instruments
  • Modular for easy assembly
  • Positioning accuracy of 1 millimeter (0.039 inches) 
  • X-axis is horizontal and parallel to beam with up to 10 meters (32.8 feet) of travel
  • Y-axis is horizontal and perpendicular to beam with 1 meter (3.28 feet) of travel
  • Z-axis is vertical with 30 centimeters of travel
  • R-axis rotates about a vertical axis with 360 degrees of travel
  • 50 kg (100 lbs) load capacity
  • Power - 120/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Instrument jigs and fixtures available for over 50 instruments. Custom jigs can be provided.
  • Camera for remote viewing of instruments
  • Body, wrist, and finger phantoms
  • Laser alignment - point, line, or cross-hair
  • Linear scales for distance confirmation

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Hopewell Designs brings a new level of automation and sophistication to calibration through our Automated Irradiator Software (AIS).  The AIS increases accuracy and efficiency, and automatically stores data. By putting most irradiator operations under computer control,  the operator continues to have full control over the system, but by handling the tedious and repetitive tasks, the computerized controls free the operator to focus on areas where expertise is most needed. The AIS provides a wide range of variable and program parameters so that our software is easily tailored to specific customer needs.

The AIS is very easy for an operator to use on a routine basis. Only information for routine use is presented to the operator. Selection of options is clear and unambiguous. Status of all system components is shown in a concise display. It controls and monitors all aspects of the irradiator including source exposure, alignment bench positioning, safety systems, and electrometer measurements. With such complete integration of components, the irradiator operates as a single automated system that increases efficiency, accuracy, and reliability while reducing the possibility for errors in calibration.

The automatic set up routine speeds up instrument or dosimeter calibration and increases accuracy by quickly configuring the irradiator to match a procedure. With the change of one button, this routine configures source, attenuator, track position or exposure rate, and time or exposure. These configurations are arranged in procedures and steps that the user defines. Up to 100 procedures, each with a capacity of 50 steps are stored in a database. Whenever the operator changes a step, the irradiator is re-configured to match that step.


  • Ease of Use
  • Simple Standard User Interface
  • Exposure Rate Calculation with radioactive decay correction
    • Input distance, exposure rate calculated
    • Input exposure rate, distance calculated
  • Auto-Set Up for Instrument Calibration
    • Memorize and recall procedures for instrument calibration
    • Large capacity of 100 procedures, each with up to 50 steps
  • Excellent Reproducibility
  • Database to Record Results

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Our attenuator sets can be used with gamma sources to provide an extended range of exposure rates.  The Model X8000 is a set of four air-actuated lead attenuators can be used individually or in combination to provide 16 beam intensity attenuation levels ranging from 0 to X8000. The Model X1000 is a set of three manual lead attenuators can be used individually or in combination to provide 7 beam intensity attenuation levels ranging from 0 to X1000. When used with 2 Cesium sources of different strengths, exposure rates are possible over 6 orders of magnitude.

Collimators are available for the G10 and GC60 that are designed based on ISO 4037-1:1999. This model has a series of tungsten and lead disks with steps to trap scattered radiation. It provides a circular radiation beam of 35cm at 100cm. Other beam sizes are available upon request.

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Hopewell Designs provides calibration services to our customers as well as a full suite of calibration software and equipment.  Our experts have worked closely with customers to develop software that meets the needs of a modern calibration laboratory, especially the needs of a Secondary Standards Dosimetry Laboratory (SSDL). 

Our Model IrradCal software communicates with our Automated Irradiator Control program to take the irradiator through a series of distances, attenuators, and sources to collect hundreds of readings from the electrometer and store them to a database.  This data is then analyzed by our calibration experts to generate a set of equations for your irradiator for calculating exposure rates for any source/attenuator/distance calculation.

Our Model InstCalDB is our instrument calibration database that helps you with all aspects of calibrating your customer’s instruments.  Customer information, as well as instrument information, is stored in the database.  As found and as left readings are recorded as the instrument is calibrated.  A report is generated at the end of the calibration. 

Our automated data collection programs are designed specifically for SSDL programs.  These communicate with and control electrometers that include the UNIDOS Webline, UNIDOS E, UNIDOS, Keithley 6517B, and the Max 4000 electrometers.  Data is saved to a format of the customer’s choosing. 

In addition to software, Hopewell Designs offers a complete line of calibration equipment that includes electrometers, ion chambers, low noise cables, fixtures, and other accessory equipment.  All equipment can be supplied with traceability to a national standard.  Contact us today to help assess your requirements and supply a complete solution to your calibration needs.

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