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Radiation Calibration

Hopewell Designs provides calibration of existing and newly installed irradiator systems. Calibrations are performed by using NIST traceable equipment to record the exposure from a radiation source, for free-in-air, beam-line, or self-contained irradiators. Our calibration service employs a suite of precise measurement equipment annually certified and traceable to NIST and accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard. Measurements of the absolute or relative exposure are made over a series of distances for combinations of sources, filters, collimators, and attenuators. A calibration report is provided as part of the radiation calibration service. The report provides a full description of the work and methods used throughout the calibration and includes the measured radiation levels, uncertainties, and calibration certificates for the instruments used in the calibration.

Calibrations are available for gamma, X-ray, neutron, and beta irradiators. 

In addition, our experts can provide room characterization using MCNP, and for neutrons the Nested Neutron Spectrometer.