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Hopewell Designs is a leading supplier of irradiator systems for calibration, dosimetry, research, and quality control. We have been delivering quality irradiation systems, shielding, automation systems, and custom designs throughout the world for over 25 years.  Our team of engineers, scientists, and craftsmen blend innovation, automation, and precision into every product we provide to assure our customers have the best possible solutions.

The Hopewell Designs, Inc. staff has over 300 combined man-years of experience in engineering design, instrument and dosimetry calibration, systems integration, software development, and radiation calibration programs. We apply this expertise to all our products.  The complete process of design, manufacturing, integration, QA, and testing is performed in-house by our team to assure the highest quality product is delivered to our customers. 

Hopewell Designs, Inc. operates under a quality assurance plan based on ASME NQA-1-2008/1A-2009. We are committed to supplying products and systems of the highest quality. Our QA Policy is applied to all aspects of our program that includes but is not limited to design, procurement, procedures, manufacturing, control of processes, M&TE, inspection, testing, and control of documents.

Hopewell Designs is located in a 20,000 sq. ft. building in Alpharetta, Georgia, United States just north of Atlanta. Facilities include a fully equipped office for design and engineering consulting. Manufacturing facilities include both an electronic area and a machine shop. The machine shop is fully equipped with all necessary equipment to build automation systems including CNC mills, lathes, welding equipment, and casting equipment.