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Automated Radiation Systems

Hopewell Designs has designed and supplied automated radiation systems for 25 years.  We have applied these designs to our line of irradiators as well as automated sample changers, radiation measurement systems, and automated data collection. We can provide automated control to a wide variety of radiation applications.

We have worked with many customers to automate their process to increase throughput and reduce labor costs.  We have built sample changers for gamma spectroscopy systems that process 300 samples without operator interaction.  Our line of dosimetry calibration systems can process 100 dosimeters automatically and generate reports showing pass/fail criteria.

Motion systems are incorporated into many of our standard products.  These systems offer precise, repeatable positioning for up to 4 axes.  In addition, we have provided custom applications for such projects as automated insect sterilization, testing of portal monitors, positioning for X-ray analysis.  Systems have ranged from a few millimeters of movement to over 1 kilometer.

With over 300 man-years of experience in all aspects of radiation and automation, our team of professionals can help create a custom solution for your application when one of our standard solutions will not meet your requirements.  We have worked in many industries from nuclear power, process control, oil and gas R&D, to emergency response systems.  We apply automation to our line of products, and this has given us the insight and expertise to quickly design a unique solution to fit your needs.