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What's New

New Building for NIST Radiation Division July 7, 2018

NIST is nearing completion of an addition to the Radiation Physics Division Building 245.  The completed building will provide over 77,000 sq. ft. for research laboratories and critical support functions.  As part of the renovation, several irradiators are being upgraded.  Hopewell Designs is supplying new X-ray irradiators for the instrument and dosimetry lab and assisting with the move into the new building. 

X-Ray Systems for Non-Destructive Testing September 24, 2018

The global aerospace and defense industry is experiencing significant growth in 2018 that is expected to continue due to strong demand from many different segments of the industry.  Hopewell Designs is helping by introducing several new X-ray rooms and cabinets designed to improve throughput while maintaining accuracy and superior quality.